Things I learned lately- 12/27- 12/29/13

1. My Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes went to the Dominican Republic this year!

This adorable Domican Republican girl received the symbolic 100 millionth shoebox last year.

This adorable Dominican Republican girl received the symbolic 100 millionth shoebox last year.

2. The town my friend Katie has moved to in Iowa is very similar to Stars Hollow from “The Gilmore Girls,” complete with Ms. Patty’s Dancing School and Doose’s Market, albeit with different names.

3. Katie and I did some shopping at World Market on Friday, and it appeared the place had been looted.  Seriously, there was nothing on the shelves, and Katie couldn’t even find a picture frame to buy.  A picture frame?!  I feel like picture frames are generally in overabundance in most stores.  We got concerned that the store was closing, but the girl at the cash register assured us that they had just been hit really hard with Christmas shoppers.

4. I think listening to your baby cough and not being able to do anything about it might be a form of torture.  Sammy was coughing and hacking so much Friday night, I couldn’t sleep.  I finally got up and made him a steam room in the bathroom.  We sat in there for about 15-20 minutes, cough-free.  As soon as I put him back to bed, he started up again.  Poor little guy!

5. The Titans won today, ending the season with a record of 7-9.  We’ve had worse seasons, but we’ve also had much better seasons.  The last time we made it to the play-offs was in 2009.  I love the play-offs, but I miss the excitement of my team being a part of them.  A true fan supports their team in good times and bad, but I could really go for some good times right about now!

6. In kind of good news, I am in first place this week in our Pro Pick ‘Em League!  I am so far behind, it honestly doesn’t matter, but it made me feel a little better.

7. Which teams are in the play-offs, which teams have first round byes, and which teams have home-field advantage.  In the AFC, I will be rooting for the Colts and the Bengals, as they are Miriam’s two favorite teams.  In the NFC, I will be rooting for the Packers for mollybeandme, and I don’t really care about any of the other teams.



2 thoughts on “Things I learned lately- 12/27- 12/29/13

  1. I am hopeful that maybe the Colts or the Bengals will manage to win at least one playoff game between the two of them! Go Horse & Who Dey! It may or may not come as a shock from a Colts fan, but I’m kind of tired of Peyton Manning already. The Broncos will probably win the AFC (we can only hope it’s not the Patriots…), so I think I will be cheering for an NFC team on Super Bowl Sunday. Saints or Packers, I could live with! Who doesn’t love Drew Brees?…

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