Things I learned lately- 12/30/13- 1/1/14

1. The Dancing Lights of Christmas at Jellystone Park was way cooler than I expected.  I just thought we were going to see some lights, I didn’t realize they were coordinated to music.  It was kind of awesome.

2. It is not a good idea to drive a Hummer limo through the Dancing Lights of Christmas at Jellystone Park.  One was in front of us and had to reverse at every minor turn.  It was really annoying.

3. To celebrate New Year’s Eve, I came down with a stomach bug.  Since Mike was working, Sammy and I spent New Year’s Eve alone.  I rang in the New Year with a terrified Georgia, who wouldn’t leave my lap after she heard the first firework at 6 PM.  Last year, Sammy puked all over both of us right before the ball dropped.  Not sure which New Year’s was lamer…

4. VH1 had a marathon of the show “Happy Endings” on New Year’s Eve.  I think I watched a whole season in one evening.  I had never watched even one episode before this, but it really is a funny show.  It also made being alone with a stomach virus on New Year’s Eve a little more bearable.  Thanks “Happy Endings!”  Sorry you got canceled.

5. Mike is pretty sure he worked the first wreck of the new year, which occurred a few seconds past midnight. He even told the drivers of both vehicles that they got the award for First Wreck of the New Year.  They were not amused.

6. Poor Sammy ended up coming down with the stomach virus too.  He had two puking incidents and seemed to be having trouble with tummy cramps most of the day.

7. Since Sammy and I weren’t feeling well, we decided to have a movie night tonight.  Mike rented “2 Guns” and “RIPD” from the Redbox.  “2 Guns” was pretty good.  It was funny and had lots of action, but it was a little confusing in a couple of places.  Mark Walhberg had some really good lines.  It was definitely worth the $1.20 at Redbox.  “RIPD,” on the other hand, was pretty stupid.  It didn’t have much of a plot or many laughs.  Don’t waste your money on that one.


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