Things I learned lately: 1/2/14-1/6/14

1. It is not a good idea to leave the cinnamon/applesauce ornaments I talked about in this post on the floor.  Scrappy tried to eat them, which did not work out for him.  He just broke them all into little pieces and then wiped his tongue on the carpet for half an hour.  I decided not to punish him, as the tongue burn he received from all the cinnamon in the ornaments was probably punishment enough.

2. Dad and I took Sammy to Trevecca on Friday to meet his former coworkers.  Sammy fell asleep in the car on the way there, so he wasn’t his usually smiley self.  Everyone still thought he was a cutie, because he is.

3. Sammy threw his first in-store fit at Academy on Saturday.  He saw a full-size soccer ball, his eyes got HUGE, and he began reaching for the ball and shrieking.  We both cracked up, mainly because the soccer ball was as big as he is.  We did end up buying him a smaller nerf ball, but I promise we will not make it a practice to reward fits in stores.

4. The Titans fired Mike Munchak as head coach, which I think was a poor choice.  He has only been head coach for three years, but he has been with the Titans for 30.  I honestly think we could have made it to the play-offs this year if Jake Locker had stayed healthy.  Apparently, Munchak was told he could remain head coach if he fired all of his assistants.  He refused, which I think shows that he is truly a class act.  New Titans President Tommy Smith, on the other hand…not so much.

Adios, Munch.  We'll miss you.

Adios, Munch. We’ll miss you.

5. Sammy has made the transition from bottle to sippy cup!  It only took three different kinds of sippy cups to find one he would drink from.  It also took about 20 minutes of Sammy screaming while Mike held the sippy cup in his mouth, which was not fun.  But it was worth it!  I was starting to get worried Sammy would be drinking out of bottles for the rest of his life.

This is the sippy cup that convinced Sammy to give up the bottle.  I credit the turtles.

This is the sippy cup that convinced Sammy to give up the bottle. I credit the turtles.

6. The Colts are still in the play-offs!  The other two teams I was rooting for- the Bengals and the Packers- did not make it.  I was really hoping the Bengals would win, so the Colts wouldn’t have to play the Patriots this weekend.  Alas, it was not to be.  I really can’t stand the Patriots, so here’s hoping for a Colts miracle!

7. We only got about half an inch of snow here in Nashvegas, but schools are still out due to the frigid temperatures.  The high today is 9 degrees!  I know that may seem like child’s play to you Northerners, but it’s the coldest it’s been here in 20 years.  Our first day back from Winter Break at Mother’s Day Out was canceled, so Sammy and I celebrated by staying in our pjs and snuggling. 🙂

This is what the Polar Vortex looks like from space!  I got this from NASA's twitter feed.  Look at me, using Twitter!

This is what the Polar Vortex looks like from space! I got this from NASA’s twitter feed. Look at me, using Twitter!

8. My Christmas decorations are officially packed in their boxes, tubs, and garbage bags (yeah, I’m classy like that) and are ready to be put away in the attic.  I leave my decorations out longer than most people, mostly because I get really bummed when I take them down and I’m lazy.  I do save out some snowmen and penguins, just to cheer the place up a bit.

9. Miriam texted to let me know that Nashville was in the national news tonight for dropping 50 degrees in one day.  That’s right, folks.  Yesterday afternoon it was 57 degrees.  When I went to bed, it was 7 degrees.  I’m glad we are finally being recognized for our wackadoo weather.


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