Things I learned lately- 1/23-1/27/14

1. It is not a good idea to leave a 12 pack of Coke in your trunk during the winter.  Luckily, only one exploded and made a slushy mess, which stayed contained within the Coke box.

2. Sammy’s glasses have been ordered.  He really did a good job during the try-on process.  His glasses are going to be dark blue pearl.

This is what they look like.  His are the dark blue pearl ones.

This is what they look like. His are the dark blue pearl ones.

3. This made me laugh really hard- especially the very first one and the very last one.  Also, when Peyton Manning talks about Voldemort- hilarious!  Check it out if you need a laugh:

4. There is something dogs can get called Cold Tail.  We realized Georgia’s tail was down Friday night, which is very unlike our dumb but happy beagle.  After doing some google research, I read that this is a condition that can occur when dogs get too cold and their tail goes numb at the base.  In good news, she seems to have made a full recovery and was wagging her tail all over the place tonight.

5. President Obama is coming to town on Thursday and Mike gets to be in the motorcade!  So cool!!!!!

6. This week for WOC’s Sermon Series, there were goats, llamas, and a parrot in the courtyard and 60 guitarists on stage for an awesome musical number.

So cool!!

7. I’ve been catching up on some TV, and I have to say that last week’s episode of “New Girl” was my favorite this season.  Also, Jess and I are very similar in our enthusiasm for birthdays.

8. Sammy LOVES corn.

9. Here are some words you don’t want to hear during calendar time at Mother’s Day Out: “Ms. Heather, can I go throw this booger in the trash?”  Here are some even worse words to hear: “Uh-oh, where’d the booger go?”

10.  I read this great article about the 22 reasons you should visit Nashville, and learned that Little Richard lives on the top floor of the Hilton Hotel downtown. How did I not know this?!!  I have only lived here my whole life…  Also, if you read the article, #10 is my favorite place in Nashville and #21 is stupid.

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