Things I learned lately- 2/5-2/10/14

1. Sammy’s glasses are still not getting a lot of use.  I think the longest he has worn them is about 1 minute, and that’s only because we immediately distracted him with Mike’s cell phone.  So, if anyone one has any ideas or suggestions on how to get Sammy to wear his glasses, I would really appreciate it!

2. I woke up Wednesday with the scratchy throat/congested head disease.  I felt better Friday and Saturday, and then Sunday I woke up feeling like crap on a cracker.  I also generously shared my disease with Mike. (Happy Valentine’s Day, baby!)  I journeyed to the doctor today to be informed that I (we) have a virus that could last up to 10 days.  Awesome.  I mean, we don’t have company coming or anything going on this weekend.  Oh wait….

3. Mike and I dragged our sick selves to Baby Dedication class yesterday, as Sammy is getting dedicated next Sunday night. (Hence the company coming and things to do) I think it is going to be a really nice ceremony, and our church provides free professional photographs and a DVD of the service.  The most important advice given by the lady in charge was, “Don’t turn your backside to the camera when you are up on stage.  You don’t want the DVD to feature your backside.”  Honestly, these are the important things that we moms want to know.  I hope that everyone will be looking at how adorable Sammy is in his suit (He’s wearing a suit! So cute!) and will pay no attention to me or my backside.

4. I LOVE the Olympics.  That’s not something I have recently learned, but I just thought you all should know.  Here is a brief run-down on what I have learned from the Sochi Olympics thus far:

  • Ralph Lauren designed some seriously ugly sweaters for Team USA to wear in the opening ceremony. Those things are one Christmas tree away from winning an Ugly Sweater contest.
Even these guys can't make those sweaters look cool...

Even these guys can’t make those sweaters look cool…

  • Sage Kotsenburg won the first US gold of the Olympics in a new event-Slopestyle Snowboarding.  I honestly don’t know much about snowboarding, but all the flips and stuff were fun to watch!
He looks kind of like a dude I went to high school with...

He looks kind of like a dude I went to high school with…

  • Julie Mancuso won bronze in the Women’s Super Combined.  It took me half the evening to figure out that Super Combined means they do both a downhill and a slalom course and their times are combined.  Duh!
  • The Netherlands boys swept the podium in 500 meter speed skating.  The Mulder twins ended up getting a gold and bronze medal between the two of them.  Pretty cool!
How cute are those Mulder twins?!

How cute are those Mulder twins?!

  • I had my first Olympic moment(that’s a moment when I get teary and emotional)when Canada’s Alex Bilodeau won gold in Men’s Moguls for his second straight Olympics.  He gave his brother, who has cerebal palsy, a big ol’ hug and I pretty much lost it.
I love the Olympics!

I love the Olympics!

5. In news completely unrelated to the Olympics, someone contacted Miriam’s work today (she works at a biological storage facility) to inquire about having their dog’s remains stored there until the technology becomes available to have the dog cloned.  Apparently, there is already a facility on the West Coast that offers this service.  Seriously?! People are crazy. Also, as Miriam pointed out, is the dog already dead?  And if so, where is it being kept currently?  Please don’t tell me it’s in a freezer in their garage…


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