Things I learned lately- 2/11-2/13/14

1. We got a snow day Wednesday at Mother’s Day Out, so our Valentine’s Day party will now be on February 19th.  Also, there was no snow.

2. A sinkhole has taken the lives of eight Corvettes at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  We frequently drive past the Corvette Museum on our trips to and from Indianapolis.  It is only about an hour from Nashville, so I am a little freaked out.  I find sinkholes bizarrely terrifying.  I know it is very unlikely one will suddenly develop under our house, but what if it did?!  These are the things I think about and then can’t sleep…

Scary Sinkhole!

Scary Sinkhole!

3. Yesterday, I managed to get Sammy to wear his glasses for a whole five minutes by bribing him with Cheerios.  He even let me take a pic of him:

My mouth is so full of Cheerios, I have forgotten that I hate my glasses...

My mouth is so full of Cheerios, I have forgotten that I hate my glasses…

4. Things I learned from the Sochi Olympics- Days 5-7:

  • Erin Hamlin won the bronze medal in Women’s Singles Luge.  This is the first US medal ever in Singles Luge.  Go USA!
  • Switzerland’s Dominique Gisin and Slovenia’s Tina Maze tied for gold in women’s downhill skiing yesterday.  This is the first time in Olympic Alpine history there has been a tie for gold.  (There have been ties for other medals.)  Pretty crazy!
  • Tina Maze is a really big deal in her native country of Slovenia.
  • There is a country called Slovenia.  (I know, my geography skills continue to be appalling…)


  • Evgeni Plushenko withdrew from the short program in Men’s Figure Skating for medical reasons.  I felt really sorry for him, as he appeared to be in a lot of pain on the ice.  I’m sure this was not how he pictured the Olympics in his native country ending.  He had a press conference later in the day and announced he was retiring from competing.
  • I had my second Olympic moment watching Jeremy Abbott’s short program this evening.  He took a truly horrific fall during an attempted quadruple toe loop.  Honestly, I thought he was going to have to be carted off the ice.  Instead, he got back up and finished skating the program, landing the rest of his jumps.  When the music ended, the crowd gave him a standing ovation.  It was kind of awesome.
  • The US men swept the podium in Slopestyle Skiing.  I have to say, I think this may be my new favorite Winter Olympic event.  It is super fun to watch!
Gold medal winner Joss Christensen being awesome

Gold medal winner Joss Christensen being awesome


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