Things I learned lately- 2/14- 2/17/14

1. My sister Heidi and I visited The Bekahry in Nolensville on Valentine’s Day to pick up some cookies for Mike.  We ended up trying kolaches, which I had never had before.  They were basically pastries filled with yummy breakfast foods.  Heidi had sausage, egg, and cheese, and I had bacon, egg, and cheese.  Delicious!  We also both decided to try a cupcake.  I had the raspberry champagne cupcake with buttercream frosting.  I have to say, it was really good buttercream.  Not too sweet, and really light and fluffy.  I definitely think we will be returning for more yumminess!



2. When a certain someone has gotten you flowers for the past eight Valentine’s Days that you have spent together, how can they act shocked that you were expecting them for this Valentine’s Day?!  At least I can always count on my bestie for a fun Valentine’s Day package.  Happy Galentine’s Day, Miriam!

3. Murray Lane in Brentwood has lots and lots of mansions.  We took Kristen and Drew (Mike’s sister and brother-in-law) on a mansion tour Saturday night.  We also took them around downtown Nashville to point out the sights and so I could show Kristen, a fellow fan of the show “Nashville,” places that had been featured on the show.

4. Sammy is officially dedicated!  He did really well during the ceremony and looked super handsome in his little suit.  All of Mike’s family was able to make it down, including his brother Matt and his fiancé, who drove five hours down and back in one day.

Sammy on stage getting dedicated

Sammy on stage getting dedicated

All the family who came for dedication, minus Uncle Bob and Aunt Marie (He took the picture, she was in the bathroom)

All the family who came for dedication, minus Uncle Bob and Aunt Marie (He took the picture, she was in the bathroom)


5. Mike’s family, all from Indiana, were very excited to see grass and experience temperatures above freezing.  I have been whining about Nashville’s lack of snow this winter, but I do take for granted that I can see the grass in my yard every day.  Mike’s folks have a snow drift in front of their house that is as tall as their house.

Ginormous snow drift

Ginormous snow drift

6. After the dedication, my folks had everyone over to their house for food and fellowship.  I thought the party went really well, except when we tried to leave.  We discovered that there was a fire truck, ambulance, and about six police cars in front of my parents’ house.  Turns out, one of my parents’ neighbors had barricaded himself in his house and was threatening to kill himself.  The police allowed us to leave, but we got out of there just in time.  A few minutes after we left, about 15 more police cars showed up and completely blocked my parents’ driveway.  In good news, the guy surrendered and was taken to the hospital around midnight.

7. Sammy has learned two more words!  Yesterday, I told him to say, “Hi, Aunt Kristen!”  He responded, “Hi, durber bloo.”  So, he can say “Hi” now!  Today, I was reading him a book of farm animals and their sounds.  I had read it to him about three times when we came to the sheep page.  I said, “Sheep, baaaa,” and he said, “baaaa.”  Now that I think about it, “Baaa” may not count as a word.  I guess it is more of a sound.

8. In honor of President’s Day, I learned something about Ulysses S. Grant.  He received a speeding ticket while in office for driving his horse too fast down a Washington D.C. road.  I love that the police officer didn’t recognize him, and the president paid the fine without trying to get out of the ticket! (This fun President’s Day fact provided by some show about presidents on the History Channel.)


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