Things I learned lately- 2/18-2/20/14

1. How to conduct in 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 time.  I learned this at Sammy’s Mommy and Me Music class.  This was our third class, and Sammy has now branched out from only being willing to shake an egg to playing the tambourine.

2. I had a long meeting Tuesday with Sammy’s caseworker at TEIS.  A development specialist will be coming by once a week for an hour to work with Sammy and I and he will also be receiving physical therapy.  I am so happy he has qualified for services and will be receiving this extra help!  I am sure he will walking in no time.

3. My class was wackadoo yesterday for their Valentine’s Day party.  Four year olds + way too much sugar = Crazy sauce!  The one saving grace of the day was it was really nice out, so we could take them outside and let them run off some of their sugar energy.

4. I was watching “Boy Meets World” reruns on ABC Family today and spotted a familiar face.  Adam Scott, aka Ben Wyatt on “Parks and Recreation,” playing Griff, a super cool senior. It was kind of hilarious seeing Ben Wyatt playing the cool kid.

"Griff" macking on Baywatch's Yasmine Bleeth

“Griff” macking on Baywatch’s Yasmine Bleeth

5. We had some scary weather tonight in Tennessee.  Mom, Heidi, Sammy, and I spent some quality time together in the bathroom under the stairs at my folks’ house.  (That is their safe place.)  In good news, no injuries have been reported and damages were minor from the powerful wind and storms.

6. Sammy has learned another new word!  He said ball about 20 times tonight while playing ball with my Dad.  He doesn’t always add the “l” sound to the end, so it sounds more like “bah,” but we all knew what he was getting at!

7. Here are some more things I’ve learned from the Sochi Winter Olympics:

  • David Wise won the first gold ever in men’s ski halfpipe.  I love that he is the complete opposite of the X-games athlete stereotype.  He is married, has an adorable two-year-old daughter, and wants to be a pastor someday.  Check out this Visa commercial for some cute pictures of him and his kiddo:

  • Ted Ligety won gold in giant slalom, making him the only U.S. male to ever win gold in that race, and the only U.S. male to win two gold medals in Alpine skiing.  Way to go, Ted!
  • Winning a silver in bobsled, Lauryn Williams has now medaled in both the Summer and Winter Olympic games.  She is the fifth U.S. athlete to do this.  She and her teammate Elana Meyers came within .10 of a second of winning the gold.  If they had, Lauryn Williams would have become the second U.S. athlete to win gold in both the Summer and Winter Olympics, and the only woman.
Elana Meyers and Lauryn Williams

Elana Meyers and Lauryn Williams

  • I turned on the Canada vs. USA women’s hockey game today when it was tied 2-2 in overtime.  I literally watched it for one minute before Canada scored a goal and won the game.  I have never seen a sadder bunch of women receive a silver medal.
A truly heartbreaking loss for Team USA

A truly heartbreaking loss for Team USA

  • Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova won the gold medal in women’s figure skating, becoming the first Russian woman to do so.  She dethroned “Queen Yuna,” a nickname given to South Korea’s Yuna Kim.  Many are questioning the scoring and validity of Adelina’s win.  In my opinion, it is another case of Adelina’s strong technical marks beating out Yuna Kim’s beautiful artistry and performance quality.

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