Things I learned in the last week or so- 2/25-3/4/14

This one is really long.  I have been a bum and not written in a while, so I learned a whole bunch of things!

1. I finally watched “The Amazing Race: All Stars.”  I was very sad that Bopper’s health problems kept him off this season, but I do love Mallory.  I was so happy when the annoying “Twinnies” got out first!  I honestly don’t know if I could put up with them another week.

2. An imminent winter storm almost ruined the exciting weekend Miriam and I had planned.  She and Stuart decided to come anyway, but they had to leave Saturday evening to beat the bad weather to Indy.  We managed to pack three days of fun into two days, because we are awesome like that.  That’s right, winter.  You didn’t win this one!

3. Christmas is officially over because Miriam and I have finally exchanged our presents.  (We believe Christmas presents should be exchanged in person, regardless of how many months it has been since Christmas.)

4. This week’s “Parks and Recreation” and “Modern Family” were hilarious!  Stuart, Miriam, Sammy, and I watched them together Friday night.  My favorite parts were as follows: Ron’s letter writing campaign, Ben and Larry’s Dream Date, and Ben’s stupid surprised face.  On “Modern Family,” I loved all the ways Cam tried to avoid Lilly’s lice, and the way Phil tried to give it to his enemy, Gil Thorpe.

Ben Wyatt's stupid surprised face- Leslie got him a replica of the Iron Throne for their first anniversary.

Ben Wyatt’s stupid surprised face- Leslie got him a replica of the Iron Throne for their first anniversary.

5. Sammy has learned another new word: Yes.  He has even used it in the correct context.  I asked him, “Did you learn the word yes?” and he said, “Yes!”

6. Miriam, Stuart, Mike, and I watched our Nashville Predators lose to the Winnipeg Jets on Saturday.  This is the first time I have attended a Preds game that they have lost, so I was a bit bummed.  We still had fun, and they did score one goal, so we got to sing the “You Suck” song.  (This is “The HEY Song” but we add “You Suck!” after each HEY.  It’s honestly my favorite part of games.)

The four of us at the Preds game.  Check out my new fang fingers!

The four of us at the Preds game. Check out my new fang fingers!

7. I woke up Sunday feeling like crap on a cracker AGAIN.  I seriously just got over being sick like two weeks ago.  Stupid germs!

8. I ended up taking two naps on Sunday, so I was wide awake for the Oscars.  Here are the things I learned, including my new tradition of choosing the best and worst dressed.

  • The movie “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” was nominated for an Academy Award for best hair styling and make-up.  I was rooting for it to win, just because I thought it would be hilarious.
  • The movie “Gravity” won like a billion awards for special effects and sound editing and stuff like that.  The director, Alfonso Cuaron, became the first Latin American filmmaker to win an Oscar for Best Director.
  • Robert Lopez and his wife, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, won the Oscar for Best Song with “Let It Go” from “Frozen.”  Robert Lopez has now EGOTed!  That means he has won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and a Tony.  (The only reason I know what EGOT means is because of Tracy Jordan’s quest to EGOT on the show “30 Rock.”)
  • My pick for best dressed is Sandra Bullock.  Sandy just looked gorgeous- the dress, the hair, the earrings.  She was the epitome of Hollywood glamour.


  • My pick for worst dressed is Anna Kendrick.  I am sad about this, because I love her, but this dress is just weird.  Why does it look like there are fireworks across her mid-section?  What’s up with the Angelina Jolie leg?  This dress just has too much going on and none of it is good.
Not her best look...

Not her best look…

  • I don’t usually pick dudes for best and worst dressed because their clothes are kind of boring.  However, I am making a special exception for the hideousness that was Pharrell’s tuxedo shorts.  Seriously, dude?  Tuxedo shorts?  That’s just bad.  Stick to your giant hats, Pharrell.

No. Just…no.

9. We got another snow day yesterday, which was good news for Sammy and I.  We now both have the crud- boo!

10. I watched the first episode of the new season of “Survivor” last night.  This season, the contestants are divided into three tribes- brains, beauty, and brawn.  I don’t know what the qualifications were for being in the “brains” tribe, but it didn’t seem like anyone on that tribe lived up to its name.

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