Things I learned lately- 3/14-3/17/14

1. I woke up on Friday to discover I couldn’t lift my head off of my pillow without searing neck pain.  I had to text Mike, who was downstairs, to request lots of Advil and muscle rub (AKA Old Man Cream).  How is it that my body managed to injure itself while I was sleeping?!  I am getting so old…

2. I saw the first daffodils of 2014 on Friday.  Spring has officially arrived!

3. Sonic has new blast flavors- Master Blasts!  I tried the Turtle Pecan on Saturday night, and Mike had the Triple Chocolate.  There is also Cookie Dough, Pineapple Upside Down, Banana Split, and Caramel Brownie.  This is probably something I shouldn’t have learned, as I have been trying really hard to lose weight and those all sound delicious…

Turtle Pecan Master Blast Yummy!!

Turtle Pecan Master Blast

4. March Madness is here!!!  The four number one seeds are Florida, Arizona, Virginia, and Wichita State.  For only the second time in 42 years, there will be no Hoosiers in the tourney.  Also, there is only one Tennessee team in- Memphis.  These leaves me with fewer teams to cheer for. 😦

5. I just watched last week’s “Survivor,” and it was kind of hilarious.  The Brawn tribe decided to throw a challenge so they could vote out former NBA player Cliff.  I always think trying to throw a challenge is ridiculous, and it was especially ridiculous in this case because Cliff is awesome.  Ironically, the Brains tribe was so bad at the challenge that they lost, even with the Brawn tribe trying  to lose.  For once, the Brains tribe made a smart move at Tribal Council and voted off “Threw All the Rice in the Fire” J’Tia.  FINALLY!


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