Things I learned lately- 3/29-4/3/14

1. I attended my first Estate Sale with my folks on Saturday.  It was kind of weird, wandering around a stranger’s house and looking through all their stuff.  I got some really good deals, but it made me kind of sad.  I hope that when I’m gone, my family doesn’t let strangers poke around in my underwear drawer.

2. Sammy’s new favorite word is “Hi.”  We have a lot of conversations that go like this:

  • Me: Hi
  • Sammy: Hi
  • Me: Hi
  • Sammy: Hiiiii

3. This year’s Final Four is Florida, Wisconsin, Connecticut, and Kentucky.  The only team I have correct is Florida, who I picked to win the whole thing.  I will also be rooting for Kentucky, as I have a lot of friends who are fans.  Plus, I always love an underdog.

4. The series finale of “How I Met Your Mother” was Monday night.  I have watched this show since its very first episode, and have encouraged/demanded others watch it as well.  Although the writing has been rather sub par in the last couple of seasons, I still have lots of love for this show and its characters.  As one of my friends posted on Facebook, “I feel like I am losing a best friend.”  In this last, very full episode, we learn that Barney and Robin divorce, Barney becomes a dad after a “perfect month,” Robin is famous, Marshall becomes a judge after all, and Marshall and Lily end up having three kids.  In a surprise twist which many viewers are upset about, the Mother becomes sick and dies.  In fact, the whole time Ted has been telling this story to his kids, their mother had actually passed away six years ago.  The last scene is Ted showing up at Robin’s apartment with the blue French horn, on the encouragement of his children.  Many fans were outraged by the finale, but I was not one of them.  Yes, I wish so many plot points hadn’t been crammed into one episode.  I am disappointed that we did not find out what the deal was with the pineapple in “The Pineapple Incident,” and I wanted to see some more of Robin Sparkles.  However, true fans have always known that Ted and Robin were supposed to be together.  The show was never really about the Mother, it was about the journey Ted needed to take in order to meet her, love her, and start a family together.  I don’t do the whole Twitter thing, but I did like this tweet from Neil Patrick Harris after the finale: “To all who helped create , well played. To all who enjoyed watching it, I respectfully request the highest of fives. ”  I will miss you Ted, Robin, Lily, Marshall, and even you, Barney.  Thanks for the laughs, the numerous catch phrases, and the “Let’s Go to the Mall” music video.  (Seriously, “Robin Sparkles” might be one of the best episodes of TV comedy ever. )  This show was truly legend- wait for it- dary.

The HIMYM gang

The HIMYM gang

The Last Scene- return of the blue French horn

The Last Scene- return of the blue French horn

5. I got to meet Sammy’s development specialist on Tuesday. She is super nice and really good with Sammy.  This week we are working on standing and sitting with Sammy.  Updates to follow.

6. Sammy and I ended up taking a spontaneous walk in Centennial Park Wednesday afternoon.  (We were supposed to pick up a friend from a doctor’s appointment that went really long, so I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather.)  What I didn’t know was that there is currently a Water Quality Improvement Project going on at the park.  They’ve drained the lake, so instead of water, there is a giant sludge pit to walk around.  The giant sludge pit was also extremely stinky.  It smelled like a thousand dead ducks plus their poop.  The smell was so bad, I actually considered jogging to get away from it.  (HORRORS!)  Here’s hoping my beloved park will soon be returned to its non-stinky state!

This is what the lake normally looks like...

This is what the lake normally looks like…

Giant Sludge Pit

Giant Sludge Pit

7. Apparently, before the lake was drained, a fish wrangler put the lake’s 300 fish in aerated tanks and drove them to a new home.  I just really love that someone out there has the job title of “Fish Wrangler.”

8. David Letterman announced tonight that he will be retiring next year.  I wonder who will replace him?


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