Things I learned lately- 4/4- 4/7/14

1. Sammy spent the night at my folks’ Friday night, so Mike and I got to have a romantic evening.  It was really nice, but I kept missing my little guy!!

2. Mike and I finally finished season 6 of “Sons of Anarchy.”  The finale was super disturbing.  The worst part was probably when Otto bit off his own tongue so he wouldn’t have to give a statement.  Yeah.  In a surprising turn of events, I actually felt sorry for Clay and I am starting to hate Jax.  The world has gone topsy turvy!  Mike and I both agree that the earlier seasons were a lot less dark.  I’m not sure if we will watch season 7 or not…

3. The Titans have released Chris Johnson.  I am okay with this, as he has not been as productive in the past few seasons.  It was always exciting when he managed to get away and make a long run!  I’ll miss you, CJ.

4. Kids will tell you just about anything.  At church Sunday night, we were discussing consequences.  The kids were giving examples of times they had done something wrong and then had to face the consequences.  One little boy informed the class, “If you drink and drive, you will have to go to jail.  I know, because my Dad’s done it four times!”  Oy vey.  What are you supposed to say to that?!

5. The women’s NCAA Final will be tomorrow night in Nashville.  The undefeated Notre Dame Irish will be playing the undefeated UConn Huskies.  This is the first time that two undefeated teams have played each other in the championship game.

6. Tonight’s men’s NCAA Final was the first number 7 seed versus number 8 seed and the highest combined seeding in NCAA Finals history.  UConn pulled out the win with a score of 60-54. They are not the highest seed to win the championship, that honor goes to a number 8 seed Villanova team from 1985.

UConn celebrating their win

UConn celebrating their win

7. Miriam’s Dad won our March Madness Tourney Pick ‘Em!  Miriam got second place, and I am in lowly last place. 😦


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