Things I learned lately- 4/8-4/14/14

1. Falling out of bed at 6:00 AM is not the best way to wake up.  Also, I am putting the unknown 6:00 AM caller who woke me up on the LIST.  My hurry to silence his call and not wake up Sammy is what caused me to fall out of bed- OW.

2. During Tuesday’s session with Sammy’s developmental therapist, she got him to wear his glasses.  He must have forgotten about them, because he kept them on for almost two hours!

3. The UConn Women won Tuesday, making it a UConn National Title Sweep!  They were the first school to do this in 2004 and have now accomplished the same feat 10 years later.  I am not a UConn fan or anything, but that is pretty impressive.

4. Sometimes I think I need my head examined.  For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to make a craft with Easter grass and another craft with shaving cream marbling on the same day.  First of all, Easter grass has the same evil properties as glitter.  It gets everywhere and in everything and is difficult to clean up.  Second of all, shaving cream marbling is tricky and messy.  I guess I mixed the paint too much, because instead of looking like this:

Pretty egg

Pretty egg

Our eggs mostly looked like pink mud. At least the kids had fun!

5. Sammy attended his second Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.  Last year he was only three months old, so he mostly just took a nap in his stroller.  This year, he sat in one place holding an egg while Mom and I put eggs in his basket.  After the hunt was over, he carefully took all of his eggs out of his basket and put them on the grass around him.  Reverse Easter Egg Hunt!

Sammy at last year's Easter Egg Hunt

Sammy at last year’s Easter Egg Hunt

Sammy reverse Easter Egg hunting

Sammy reverse Easter Egg hunting

6. I spent some quality time catching up on my DVR this evening.  I learned some interesting things!  Here goes:

  • On “Survivor,” Spencer and I share the same philosophy on dessert stomachs.  Your dessert stomach is separate from your regular stomach, so you can be full of dinner, but still have plenty of room for dessert.  I am honestly not very attached to anyone on this season.  I think Woo is my current favorite, mainly because of his ninja skills.
  • “Parks and Recreation” Spoiler Alert: Leslie Knope is pregnant!!!!  Also, Ben Wyatt drunk on blueberry wine (complete with blue teeth, tongue, and lips) is hilarious.
  • “Parenthood” is excellent at making me cry.  In other news, I think Joel and Julia might be getting back together, Ryan was hurt in some kind of accident, and Haddie is finally returning and may also be a lesbian.  Oh, Haddie.

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