Things I learned in the last week- 5/22-5/29/14

1. Dave and Connor won “The Amazing Race: All-Stars.”  I was okay with this, but I was not okay with the lameness of the finale.  Seriously, “Amazing Race?”  It was only one hour-long, there was no detour, and there wasn’t a final memory challenge like usual.  Worst. Finale. Ever.

2. According to this article entitled, “U.S. States Most and Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse,” Tennessee is ranked 43rd on a list of states most and least likely to survive a zombie apocalypse.  The state most likely to survive the zombies is Alaska.  The rankings were based on 11 metrics such as Active Military Personnel, Knowledge of Zombies, People with Guns, and Physically Active.  So, when/if the zombie apocalypse occurs, we should all head to Alaska.  Or Wyoming- it was ranked #2. 🙂

Find your state on the map!  Will you survive?!

Find your state on the map! Will you survive?!

3. Mom, Heidi, Sammy, and I went to the Nashville Flea Market on Friday.  It is a very interesting place!  Mom and I both purchased some Mary Kay products, and I got some board books for Sammy.  Mom also got Matchbox cars and toothbrushes for her OCC shoeboxes, and Heidi got a new doll. We had fun, but it was really hot!  If we go again, we are going to have to bring our own fan or something.

4. Sammy and I were party animals this weekend!  We went to a cook-out for my friend Sus on Friday night, and then we attended 3 parties on Saturday- a surprise birthday party and two graduation parties.  Sammy showed off his scooting skills and discovered his love for Sprite, cake, and ice cream.  Don’t worry, I am not planning on letting him eat these things on a regular basis.  Although, it would probably help fatten him up!

5. I had three hamburgers this weekend at the various parties I attended, and I’m now convinced I have E. coli.  I know that I don’t really, or I would probably be in the hospital, but I have been having tummy trouble since Sunday night.  I think I might have to go to the doctor tomorrow.

6. I got to experience what it would be like to have two kids on Tuesday.  I baby-sat for my friend Brooke’s six-month-old son, Liam.  He and Sammy managed to never take a nap at the same time all day, so that was fun.  I didn’t get any breaks, but I did only have to take care of one kiddo at a time for most of the day.  Around 3:30, Liam woke up and the two of them hung out for a while.  Sammy was very fascinated by Liam, but he was not happy when I fed Liam a bottle instead of reading him a book.  All in all, the day made me very happy that I only have one kid to take care of right now.

7. Sammy has been obsessed with his belly button today.  He keeps lifting up his shirt and poking it and then showing it to me.  Finally, I showed him that I also have a belly button, so he can stop showing me his.  Now, he wants to lift up my shirt to inspect my belly button over and over.  Mom Fail.


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