Things I learned lately- 6/5-6/10/14

1. Sammy has started crawling!  He is still mostly our little scooter, but I am glad he is learning some new moves. 🙂

2. Sammy decided that he didn’t need a nap on Matt’s wedding day.  Sammy with No Nap + Special Occasion = Horror Show

3. Matt and Bethany’s wedding in the Sunken Gardens was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attended.  It would have been a lot more enjoyable with a happier Sammy, but it was still gorgeous.

weddingpics6-10 001 weddingpics6-10 002

4. We stopped to see one of my college friends, Jill Doyle, on the way home from the wedding.  She and her husband have a three-year-old son, Mac, and she looks about ready to pop out Baby #2. (She’s due June 12th.)   Sammy LOVED Mac’s toys.  Mac was not so happy about sharing with Sammy.  We didn’t get to stay long, but I’m glad our little guys got to meet each other!

5. Two women have made it up the Warped Wall on “American Ninja Warrior.”  This is one of my summer guilty pleasures, and I am super pumped women are doing so well this season!

6. Sammy had his 18-month doctor’s appointment today.  He now weighs 21 lbs. and 12 oz. and is in the 7th percentile.  His height to weight ratio is the best it’s been since he was born.  Yay Sammy!

Look at that little belly!

Look at that little belly!


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