Things I learned in the last week or so- 8/15-8/25/14

1. I saw two movies last weekend I hadn’t seen before.  My friend Amanda came over Friday night for pizza and Divergent.  As someone who has read the series, I thought they did a good job of staying true to the book.  I don’t think I was as emotionally invested in the movie as I was in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, but I still think it was a good movie.  Mike and I watched Man of Steel on Sunday night.  I thought it was a little confusing, but I did enjoy Henry Cavill as Superman and Amy Adams as Lois Lane.  Henry Cavill looks exactly how I think Superman should look- HOT! 🙂

Helloooo, Superman!

Helloooo, Superman!

2. I only had six kids in my class at Mother’s Day Out both days last week.  It was actually kind of boring…

3. There is yellow watermelon!  One of my kids brought it for lunch last week, and we argued about whether it was watermelon or cantaloupe.  Turns out, he was right.  Who knew?

4. Sammy’s Indianapolis Grandma came to visit on Tuesday and we had Christmas in August!  She brought two garbage bags full of clothes, a bag of shoes, and about a billion toys.  My favorite of Sammy’s new toys is his “Let’s Rock Singin’ Cookie Monster.”  After first, he was frightened whenever Cookie Monster began singing, but now he’s obsessed with it.

Hello Everybody!  Let's get ready to rock!

Hello Everybody! Let’s get ready to rock!

5. I taught my class how to play Duck Duck Goose on Wednesday.  Honestly, I had no idea there were so many ways to mess up Duck Duck Goose.  My assistant Ryan and I spent most of the game laughing hysterically.

6. Sammy took four steps during Physical Therapy on Friday.  He is officially a walker!  Doggies beware!

7. It’s Fall Sermon Series time at WOC!  Last weekend, Julia’s Bakery truck was in the courtyard with some delicious cupcakes.  This weekend, we got to check out a baby camel, kangaroo, and a wallaby!  There has been special music both weekends and awesome sermons by Pastor Allen Jackson.  If you live near Murfreesboro, TN, come check us out!

Sammy LOVES these balloons in the lobby.  He points to them and says, "ball! ball! ball!"

Sammy LOVES these balloons in the lobby. He points to them and says, “ball! ball! ball!”

8. Sammy was invited to our neighbors for a sprinkler play date yesterday.  It turns out that both Sammy and our neighbor’s 3-year-old daughter are TERRIFIED of sprinklers.  You would think the sprinkler was shooting out lava instead of water.  We ended up letting them play in the baby pool instead.  #sprinklerfail


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