Happy New Year! (Only 11 days late…)

So, I have again fallen off the blogging bandwagon.  I believe my last blog post was on November 8th.  Obviously, a lot has happened since then.  I am planning several summary blog posts- What I learned in November, What I learned in December, etc.  I also wanted to announce a new category of posts- Deep Thoughts by Heather.  Sometimes these will actually be deep thoughts, sometimes they will be funny (a la Jack Handey’s Deep Thoughts on SNL), and sometimes they will just be me venting about something that bugs me.  I have discovered that I have some things to say that are difficult to address in the “Things I learned today” format.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy them, my three loyal readers! 🙂



So, I sort of missed June…

Hello loyal readers!  So sorry that I have been a big bum and forgotten to blog during most of the month of June.  I promise to do better now that it’s July.  Hopefully, this picture of a puppy at the beach will help you to forgive me. 🙂



Things I have learned about taking care of a baby:

1. When changing Sammy’s diaper, always cover his peepee. The one time you forget is the one time you will get peed on.

2. Sammy goes through multiple outfit changes a day. Somehow pee, poop, and spit-up is always getting on his clothes.  And mine too.

3. Sammy does not like sleeping in his crib, cradle, or bassinet.  He pretty much only likes sleeping in his Boppy, propped on a pillow on the couch, or laying on Mike or me.  He also does not enjoy sleeping at night, which is a bummer, because I do.

4. You are supposed to warm bottles up, not just give them to the baby straight out of the fridge.  Ooops. Good thing I have my mom around to teach me these things.

5. It is very difficult to keep a baby awake when he wants to sleep.  It is also very difficult to keep a baby asleep when he wants to be awake.

6. How to swaddle

7. No matter how many books you read or friends you talk to, you will never be prepared for how overwhelming it is to care for a tiny human being.  You will also never be prepared for how much love you will have in your heart for this tiny human being.  I mean, how cute is this guy?!!


Things I have learned about breastfeeding:

This post is probably a little TMI.  Feel free to skip reading it if you have no interest in breast-feeding.

1. I thought once you had the baby, you automatically got breast milk to feed him with.  So far, this has not been the case for me.  Sammy is 11 days old and I still do not have any breast milk.

2. How to operate a breast pump.  Also, using a breast pump makes you feel like a dairy cow.

3. In the hospital, everyone comes in and gives you different opinions about how you should breastfeed and/or tells you that you are doing it wrong.  This is not encouraging!!  Especially when three different people tell you three completely different things.  I think they should make a rule that only the lactation specialist is allowed to talk to patients about breast-feeding.

4. When you don’t have any breast milk, they make you take some stinky herbs to help it to come in- Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle.  The Fenugreek is super stinky, and after a while it makes you start to stink as well.  I now smell vaguely of Indian food.

5. There is a such thing as a Breastfeeding Support Group and today I attended my first meeting.  It was actually really helpful, and made me feel not so alone.

Things I learned about having a baby:

1. Once your water starts breaking, it doesn’t stop.  I thought it was just one big gush and then it was done.  No, you get to feel like you are peeing your pants for a considerable amount of time.

2. When you are in labor, people come in frequently to check your cervix.  This does NOT feel good.

3. If you have preeclampsia symptoms, which I did, they give you something called magnesium.  It makes you feel really weird and loopy, and you are not allowed to get out of bed.

4. Even if your water breaks, you can still be induced.  I guess I thought if your water broke, the baby was ready to go.  This was definitely not the case with Sammy!

5. We listened to two different women give birth naturally while waiting for Sammy.  It scared the pants off of me!  I am very thankful for epidural, especially since I ended up being in labor for 34 hours.

6. Sammy was not interested in leaving my belly.  I never dilated past 5 centimeters, so after 34 hours, I ended up having a c-section.

7. The doctor sang Christmas carols during my c-section.  From now on, the song “Silver Bells” will always remind me of having a c-section.

8. Sammy peed on the doctor when they pulled him out of my belly.  The doctor turned him to make sure the other doc got peed on as well.

9. Our little guy was born at 11:05 AM on December 8, 2012.  He weighed 6 lbs 14 oz and was 21 inches long. 🙂

So handsome!

Things I learned this weekend- 9/7-9/9/12

1. I have never had so many kids bring food for Culture Day.  I had two kinds of taquitos, chicken enchiladas, two kinds of tamales, and papusas. Luckily, I had a mom come and help out or I’m not sure I would have gotten all the food heated up and served.  On a side note, Disney (who is Hispanic) brought grape Kool-Aid and Lindor truffles.  I have no idea how that is part of his culture…

2. One of my 2nd grade team members had a very traumatizing experience on Culture Day.  A special needs student in her class choked on a lollipop, and she couldn’t get it out.  Luckily, a mom who was there helping came to the rescue.  I am now officially afraid to give lollipops to my kids.

3. Mike and I were so tired, we went to bed at 8:00 Friday night like little old people.

4. The new Strawberry Shortcake muffin at Mimi’s is just YUM!

5. I watched a lot of football today.  My poor Titans lost to the Patriots- who I can’t stand- and our quarterback was injured.  Definitely not the way I wanted to see my team open the season.  In other football news, it looks like RG3 (Robert Griffin III) might be the real deal.  I wish he was on one of my fantasy teams!

6. The Top Four dancers on the finale of So You Think You Can Dance are: Tiffany, Eliana, Chehon, and Cyrus.  There will be two winners this year and I am rooting for Eliana and Chehon.  I really don’t think Cyrus is as talented as the other three, and has gotten by on personality.  Also, I still hate his giant ear holes.