Things I learned in the last week or so- 10/8-10/19/14

1. Those things on the top of giraffes’ heads are called ossicones.  I kept telling my kids they were horns, but that is incorrect.  Unlike horns, ossicones are made out of cartilage and remain covered in skin or fur.

Whoa dude, check out those ossicones!

Whoa dude, check out those ossicones!

2. Sammy held his teacher’s hand and walked across the playground to me last Wednesday.  Yay!  He also busted a move and shook his maraca in Music class.  Sometimes he just cracks me up!

3. Mike, Sammy, and I spent a rainy Saturday watching movies.  We rented “Muppets Most Wanted” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” from the  Redbox.  I would recommend them both.  “Muppets Most Wanted” was good muppet fun, even Sammy liked it.  “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” was exciting, entertaining, and a worthy addition to the Marvel superhero franchise.

4. I started my new tutoring job this week.  I think it went pretty well, but the youngest of the two boys is definitely a challenge.  He has a really negative attitude towards schoolwork and cries any time he doesn’t get his way.  We definitely have some things to work on!

5. My mom and I took Sammy to Walden Farms on Saturday for his first trip to the pumpkin patch.  He really liked riding a bike and tossing fake apples in the Toddler Town.  He laughed about getting his hand licked by a calf and seemed interested in the baby pigs, bunnies, and ducklings.  He did not like the pumpkins.  He picked out one tiny pumpkin and would not allow any other pumpkins in his wagon.  We had a great time!

Apple Toss!

Apple Toss!

Sammy with his tiny pumpkin

Sammy with his tiny pumpkin

6. When leaving the pumpkin patch, it is not a good idea to drive your Chevy Impala into a ditch.  Poor Sylvia got stuck, and after pushing her without success, the very nice Walden Farms workers had to hook her up to a truck and pull her out.  To add insult to injury, the people on the hay ride drove past us frequently, so there were lots of observers of my stupidity.  It was not a fun way to end our trip.

7. Mike and I watched “Transformers: Age of Extinction” on Saturday night.  None of the Transformer movies are paragons of plot, but this one was really confusing.  It just had too much going on, and not much of it was explained.  I did think the Dinobots were super cool, especially the one that breathed fire!



8. Last week, my Titans barely squeaked out a win against Jacksonville.  Sammie Hill blocked a Jaguars field goal with 12 seconds left in the game, and we won 16-14.  This week, Washington made a field goal with 12 seconds left in the game and beat us 17-19.  We are now 2-5, and I am sad.

9. Last week, my undefeated fantasy team was defeated.  I also dropped out of 1st place in our Pro Pick ‘Em League.  My fantasy team is winning this week, but I made a big move that backfired and have dropped even more places in the Pick ‘Em League.  Doh!

10. Super brief TV recap:

  • The four designers going to Fashion Week on “Project Runway” are Kini, Sean, Amanda, and Char.  I am so glad Korina is gone, as she is a heinous person with a bitter, spiteful soul. I am rooting for Kini all the way!
  • I was watching “Nashville” the other night, and Amanda from “Project Runway” was on!  She played Juliette Barnes’ stylist.
  • I like the format of this season’s “Survivor: Blood vs. Water.”  I haven’t really picked any favorites, but I am glad John Rocker is gone.  He’s a ginormous douche bag.
  • On “The Amazing Race,” I love the soul surfer team of Bethany and Adam.  They just seem like a genuinely sweet couple who work hard and really love each other.
  • I have added a new show, “How to Get Away with Murder.”  It is seriously addicting!



Things I learned lately- 8/26-9/1/14

1. Rodman won “Last Comic Standing.”  I was rooting for Nikki Carr, but I thought that all of the finalists were really funny, so I am okay with it.

2. I just started watching this season of “Project Runway,” because my DVR refuses to record it.  (Stupid DVR, why don’t you do what I say?!)  I am really confused by the judges’ taste this season.  I don’t think I’ve agreed with a single winner they have chosen.  I mean, Sandhya has won twice, and while I like her as a person; her designs are hideous.  Amanda has also won twice, and I hated both of her winning looks as well.  I usually agree with who the judges send home, but their winning picks are wackadoo!!

This was Sandhya's winning look in the first challenge.  It's just...I can't....I don't understand!

This was Sandhya’s winning look in the first challenge. It’s just…I can’t….I don’t understand!

3. I participated in my first live Fantasy Football draft on Thursday night.  I got the first pick, which was great, but then I got a little stressed.  I ended up picking too many running backs and not enough wide receivers.  I also picked two quarterbacks who have byes the same week.  Doh.  I think I might have done better if I just let the computer pick.

4. Sammy took seven steps by himself during Physical Therapy on Friday.  We have been practicing his “walkies,” and he is getting so much steadier and sure of himself! He has also learned a few new words and phrases: fly (butterfly), pay! (play!), sit (he says this while patting the floor next to him), and I did it! (He usually says that last one after accomplishing something, like throwing a ball and hitting you in the head.)   He has also learned my sister Heidi’s name, which he pronounces “Hi-DEE,” and is now calling my dad “Baba.”

Gratuitous pic of Sammy being adorable

Gratuitous pic of Sammy being adorable

5. Mike and I rented “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” from the Redbox on Saturday night.  I really like Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man.  He is just the right combination of sarcastic and snarky, but also kind and compassionate.  This is an entertaining movie that I really enjoyed until, *MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* Gwen Stacy/Emma Stone dies.  I hate when the superhero’s girlfriend dies!  It is a big reason why I dislike “The Dark Knight.”  Well, that, and Heath Ledger’s “Joker” is terrifying.  Anyways, I do not recommend this movie because of the death of Gwen Stacy.  Superhero movies are supposed to be fun, not sad and horribly tragic.  Also, Emma Stone is awesome and doesn’t deserve to die, even fictionally.

6. My folks kept Sammo Sunday night so Mike and I could have a Date Night- woo woo!  We ate dinner at Panera Bread and went to see “Guardians of the Galaxy.”  This is the first time we have gone to the movies since “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” last December.  I LOVED “Guardians of the Galaxy!!”  It was hilarious, exciting, heart-warming, and had an amazing soundtrack (Awesome Mix, Vol. 1).  My favorite character was Groot, a walking tree/plant thing voiced by Vin Diesel, who made me laugh, cry, and busts out some sweet dance moves in the last scene.  I highly recommend “Guardians of the Galaxy.”  In fact, stop what you are doing, and go see it now!!  You will thank me, I promise.

Tiny dancing Groot

Tiny dancing Groot

7.  There were all kinds of little kids in the movie theater for “Guardians of the Galaxy.”  Yes, it does have a talking raccoon and tree, but it is NOT a kids movie.  The little girl a few seats down from me couldn’t have been older than 3.  Poor thing is going to have nightmares for sure.  Plus, the movie started at 7:30 and didn’t get out till after 9:30.  Do we not believe in bedtime anymore?  I swear, there is a serious lack of common sense in this world.

Things I learned lately- 10/25-10/27/13

1. Dom won “Project Runway!”  I was very happy about this, as I think she is super nice and talented.  Yay for a “Project Runway” winner that I actually like!

2. Making a beard bib is not that difficult.  Basically, I bought a beard and used fabric glue to attach it to one of Sammy’s bibs.  Hopefully, I will actually be able to get Sammy to wear it with his Halloween costume.  He’s going to be Willie Robertson from “Duck Dynasty.”

Thus far, Sammy does not seem to be a fan of the beard bib...

Thus far, Sammy does not seem to be a fan of the beard bib…

3. We finished Season 3 of “Sons of Anarchy” today.  They completely faked me out with a major plot twist, and Agent Stahl finally got what she deserved.  I am a little concerned at how Season 4 is going to play out, now that the majority of the Sons are in jail.

Things I learned lately- 10/20-10/23/13

1. The library has gotten awesome.  I went to look for books on ghosts and goats on Sunday.  (It’s G week at Mother’s Day Out.)  The last few years I have used the school library as my main library.  Now, I am renewing my relationship with the public library, and it is so much cooler than I remember.  They let you check out 100 books at a time!  You can renew, request, and reserve books online.  They even send reminder emails when your books are due!

2. Sunday was a very sad football day.  My Titans lost, badly, to San Francisco.  We are now 3-4 and two games behind the Colts in our division. 😦  My fantasy team also lost and now has the same record as the Titans.  The only slightly good news is that I was in fifth place in the Pro Pick ‘Em League this week, instead of last.  I am still in last place overall.

3. Sunday was the three-year anniversary of this blog.  I don’t have many followers or many views per day, but I like writing and having a record of things I’ve learned.  Here is a look back at my first day of blogging.

4. This was my first week as lead teacher in the 4-year-old class.  It was really fun!  My favorite quote of the week: I asked one of my students if he was going to eat the rest of his lunch.  He said, “No, I’m poofed.”  “Poofed?”  I asked.  “Yeah, I’m really tired,” he said.  “Oh, you mean pooped!”

5. I am way behind on my TV watching, but I have been working hard to get caught up.  Here’s what I’ve learned so far: The “Project Runway” finalists are Dom, Braden, Alexis, and Justin.  I think for the first time I do not dislike any of them.  My favorites are probably Dom and Justin.  Justin really surprised me with the awesomeness of his collection.  The test tube dress was amazing!  I was really sad that the NFL guys got off of “The Amazing Race.”  They further endeared themselves to me by quoting Ricky Bobby to Phil on the Mat.  “If you’re not first, you’re last!”

This dress is made of hundreds of tiny test tubes.  So cool!

This dress is made of hundreds of tiny test tubes. So cool!

Thing I learned lately- 9/30-10/2/13

1. We got a new little girl on Monday at Mother’s Day Out.  She immediately attached herself to Christie and screamed her head off if Christie left the room or had to put her down for any reason.  It was not so fun.

2. I got to spend my Birthday Eve with some of my favorite ladies getting a massage.  It was fabulous!  I have only had one other massage in my life, so I was a little nervous, but I am hereby adding Massage Envy gift cards to all birthday/Christmas/Valentine’s/Mother’s Day  wish lists from now on.

3. Sylvia, our Chevy Impala, is in the body shop getting repaired.  While she’s gone, Mike rented us an awesome Ford Taurus.  I would never have thought I would use awesome and Ford Taurus in the same sentence, but this car is sweet!  It has push-button start, a back-up camera, a sun roof, satellite radio, seat warmers and coolers, and the bright lights automatically turn on and then off when there’s oncoming traffic.  I am going to be a little sad when we have to return it to Enterprise.

4. Sammy, Mike, and I went to Nolensville Feed Mill for lunch on my birthday. I got their excellent chicken salad, and Mike tried out their Cajun turkey.  We also picked up some local honey to help with allergies, purple popcorn, (The seeds are purple.  I really hope it is purple when it pops as well) and some amazing homemade caramels.

5. Sammy loves the cool car that Grandma and Grandpa Schlegel got him at a yard sale.  We pushed him around the neighborhood in it, and he had a blast!

Sammy's Convertible

Sammy’s Convertible

6. For this year’s birthday dinner, I selected a restaurant that I have heard lots of good things about but never been to.  My folks watched Sammy while Mike and I journeyed to Franklin to check out Sopapillas.  I am a Mexican food aficionado, and this “fancy” Mexican food did not disappoint.  I would recommend everything we had to eat- the three-dip sampler, a drink called Sissy LaLa, (I did feel a little goofy ordering it, but it was yummy!) Mexico City street tacos, and tres enchiladas.  Also, everyone gets free sopapillas at the end of their meal.  They were soft and delicious, but I was so stuffed by then I was unable to fully enjoy them.  This is a place I would definitely like to return to!

7. I got tons of awesome birthday presents and even a card from Sammy!  I now own all the Harry Potter movies and Seasons 2 and 3 of “Downtown Abbey.”  I also got a purse I wanted from Target and a new bead for my Pandora bracelet.  I love my birthday!

8. Today was a rough day in the toddler classroom.  It was raining, so we couldn’t play outside.  The place that we normally run around and play on rainy days was set up for a banquet, so we were stuck in our room all day.  Our new toddler continued to scream anytime Christie left her sight, and no one wanted to take a nap.  In good news, the new toddler’s mom brought us thank you cards with Starbucks gift cards inside!  How nice is she?!

9. As usual, I requested strawberry cupcakes from Cupcake Collection for my birthday.  I ordered half a dozen strawberry, and then told them that the other dozen could be a variety.  We ended up getting two sweet potato cupcakes, which I honestly thought sounded gross.  I ate one when I got home from work today, and I was so wrong.  It was delicioso!

Sorry I misjudged you...

Sorry I misjudged you…

10. Sammy tried homemade baby food for the first time tonight.  I defrosted two cubes of peas with corn.  He was not very enthusiastic about eating it, but he did not throw up.  I am going to count that as a success!

11.  I watched last week’s “Project Runway” and was really sad to see Kate go.  I really hated her outfit this week, but she has been in the top consistently!  I didn’t think it was a fair elimination.

Things I learned lately- 9/18-9/20/13

1. I watched the premiere of “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” Wednesday night. I think this could be an interesting season, although I was not happy to see Colton- ugh! I did feel bad for the girl who got voted off just because her uncle was being a jerk on the other team.

The cast of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water

The cast of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water

2. Sammy rode in the seat of the shopping cart for the first time on Thursday.  He was NOT a fan.  I think I might try to find a shopping cart cover with a cushion or something.

3. I went to to try to watch the last hour of the “So You Think You Can Dance” finale.  As soon as I got to the show’s page, it said “Amy and Fik-Shun win!”  So, now I know who won, but it was kind of anti-climatic. Stupid…

4. Sammy had his 9-month doctor’s appointment today.  He weighs 17 lbs and 12 oz and is 28.5 inches tall.  He is still in the 8th percentile for weight and is now in the 52nd percentile for height.  The doc was happy that his weight to height ratio has improved.  She was concerned that he is not trying to crawl at all, and she recommended he be evaluated by TEIS (Tennessee Early Intervention Services).  I am trying not to freak out about this.  He is meeting his milestones in all other areas, and I honestly feel like he’s just kind of lazy.

5. Ken threw another major hissy fit this week on “Project Runway.”  I was actually really proud of Alexander for standing up to him when he was being a complete a$$hat, even if Tim Gunn didn’t approve.  In happy news, Ken is gone!!!  Auf wiedersehen!  I hope he takes Tim Gunn’s advice and gets some help with his anger issues.  Otherwise, I feel he might murder someone someday.  Oh, I was majorly jealous of the Super Fans who were on this episode.  I really wish I had known about the Super Fan Contest, as I truly believe I am a Project Runway Super Fan. The fans got to tour Parsons, walk on the runway, and shop at Mood!!  I want to go to Mood someday, if only to meet Swatch.



Things I learned lately- 9/13-9/17/13

1. I finally remembered to take Sammy’s 9 months photos.  How cute is this little guy?!

This is his, "I'm up to something," face.

This is his, “I’m up to something,” face.

2. We drove about 15 minutes of a 5-hour trip to Indianapolis and were rear-ended on Saturday.  In good news, we are all okay, and the car does not look too bad.  We were still in Nashville, so Mike knew the cop that came out to work the accident.  The guy who hit us had insurance, so we won’t have to pay our deductible to get the car fixed.  The paramedics even came out to check on Sammy, which made me feel better, and they were super nice and cute.

3. The triangular area where two interstates split is called the gore.  I learned this from Mike while trying to explain to our insurance what caused the wreck.  The idiot who caused the wreck was sitting in the gore, when he/she decided to merge into the car in front of us.  The car in front of us slammed on their brakes, we slammed on our brakes, and the guy behind us ran into us. The idiot that caused the wreck drove off on his/her merry way, but the other cars involved all stopped.  Mike and I are kicking ourselves for not getting the plate number off the idiot’s car.

Example of a gore

Example of a gore

4. We had an awesome Schlegel Family dinner Saturday night with delicious chili, cookies, and zucchini bread.  After dinner, we watched “Star Trek: Into Darkness” on Drew and Kristen’s giant TV.  It was just like seeing it at the movies!  I noticed a lot of things I didn’t notice the first time we watched it.

5. Mike’s cousin’s wedding reception was much more informal than I realized.  I brought a dress to wear and then found out the dress code was “jeans and t-shirts.”  Maybe it’s a southern thing, but I don’t believe in wedding receptions in which the guests wear jeans and t-shirts.  Pam and I ended up going shopping Sunday morning, so I could find a cute top to wear with my jeans.  (My only option was the giant J.E. Moss t-shirt I had brought to wear home.)  Sure enough, the bride and groom wore jeans and UT shirts at the reception.  Really?

6. Sammy loves the baby swings on the playground.  I put him in one when he was getting fussy at the reception, and he laughed and laughed!  Then, he nodded off and took about a 15 minute nap.

7. Which of Mike’s cousins belongs to which of Mike’s aunts.  We don’t see this side of his family very often, so I worked really hard to get them all straight.

8. My Titans lost to Houston in overtime. I didn’t get to watch any of the game, but my Dad gave me a report.  He was super bummed, but does think we may have a pretty good team this year.  At least we made a game of it!  In other football news, I am still in last place in the Pro Pick’Em League, but my fantasy team won!  I now have the same record as the Titans: 1-1.

9. How to copy things on construction paper at Mother’s Day Out.  It’s super easy!

10. My stupid DVR only taped the first hour of the two-hour “So You Think You Can Dance” finale.  I still don’t know who won.  I was appalled by what the contestants think a “modern southern woman” wears on “Project Runway.”  Also, I can’t believe Ken is still on the show.  He has serious anger problems, and the second dress he made looked like something you would buy at “Streetwalkers R Us.”

11. Sammy and I had dinner tonight with my good friend Cathy.  She gave me several tips on getting Sammy to eat table food, and even got him to chow down on several pieces of smushed green beans.  He loved them!  The mashed potatoes I tried to get him to eat, not so much.