Things I learned in the last week or so- 10/20-10/30/13

1. Jennifer Garner is officially my new favorite celebrity based on this quote while accepting an award at the Elle’s Women in Hollywood Celebration, “Can we just stop pretending that skinny jeans are a good look on anyone?  Can we just band together and go for a nice boot cut, please?  Ladies?  And crop tops while we’re at it.”

2. Yelling “Smile!” at kids when they aren’t smiling for their school pictures is not an effective way to get them to smile.  I may not be a fancy “photographer,” but I’m smart enough to figure that out.  Also, it really shouldn’t take over an hour to take pictures of nine 4-year-olds.

3. My Titans lost again on Sunday to Houston and are now 2-6.  Awesome.  They started rookie Zach Mettenberger, who was lookin’ super groovy at his press interviews.  Too bad it didn’t help us win…

That's our quarterback on the left.  You might recognize the other guy from such movies as "Zoolander" and "Dodgeball."

That’s our quarterback on the left. You might recognize the other guy from such movies as “Zoolander” and “Dodgeball.”

4. My fantasy team dominated (Sorry, Angela!), and I came in first place this week in the Pick ‘Em League.  I am still in sixth place overall, but I moved up from seventh place!

5. We took a great field trip to the Walden Farms Pumpkin Patch on Monday.  I did not drive, as I didn’t want to end up in a ditch again.  My kiddos had a good time picking pumpkins, climbing a hay tower, petting animals, and going on a hay ride.  I had a fun time too, but I was pooped by the end of the day!

6. When I picked up Sammy from my Mom’s house after tutoring on Tuesday, he felt really warm.  Little guy had a temperature of 102.3.  He has still been happy and playing like his normal self, but he had to miss his Halloween party. 😦

7. My kids looked so cute for the Halloween Party on Wednesday!  We had a pirate princess, Daisy Duck, General Grievous from Star Wars, Batman, Robin, a ladybug, a dead pirate, an astronaut, and Anna from “Frozen.”  They had fun trick-or-treating, playing a variety of Halloween games, and decorating cookies.

These are just random kids in Halloween costumes.  I would get in trouble for posting pictures of my actual kids.

These are just random kids in Halloween costumes. I would get in trouble for posting pictures of my actual kids.

8. Doorjambs are the devil!  In this post, I told about one of my girls busting her lip and nose on one.  Well, on Wednesday one of my boys tripped and busted his head open on the doorjamb.  It was truly horrific.  The cut was so deep, you could see the bone.  Both of his parents were in Dallas, so his Grandma had to rush over to get him and take him to the ER.  We got the bleeding stopped and tried to keep him calm and awake until she got there.  I was still shaking an hour after it happened.  In good news, the CT scan did not show any damage, and he was stitched up and sent home.  In bad news, I am still pretty traumatized.

Update: I talked to his Mom this evening and he ended up getting 20 stitches!  Yeesh.

9. We are a whole family of sickies.  Mike stayed home yesterday and today, and I woke up not feeling so good this morning.  We have used this free time to watch a lot of “Sons of Anarchy” season six. (Only while Sammy is sleeping, of course!)



Things I learned in the last week or so- 5/12- 5/21/14

1. My bestie and her husband are buying a house.  Congrats Miriam and Stuart!  Welcome to the Homeowners Club. 🙂

2. Sammy was sick all weekend and has decided that instead of sleeping, it would be really fun to just stand in his crib and scream.  And scream.  And scream.  It was NOT an enjoyable weekend.  I think the true low point was when I finally got him to sleep around midnight Saturday night, and then he threw up all over himself.  Nothing says fun like washing puke chunks out of your baby’s hair/ears at 12:30 AM.  Oh, did I mention we had company all weekend?  Yeah…

3. When you have a sick baby, there is not much to do other than catch up on your DVR.  Here are the things I learned:

  • The Cowboys got off of “The Amazing Race: All Stars.”  I am really bummed about this, as the Cowboys are one of my favorite Amazing Race teams ever. 😦  The Afganimals are gone too, but I don’t care about them.  The Final Three teams are Dave and Connor, the Brenchels, and the Nashville girls.  I am rooting for Dave and Connor.
  • On “Castle,” Beckett finally got to arrest the man who had her mother murdered.  It was pretty awesome.  The finale was full of various shenanigans, almost causing Castle and Beckett to miss their own wedding.  It ended with Castle MIA and his burning car upside down on the side of the road.  I know he can’t be dead, because his name is the title of the show.  Still, the shot of poor Kate in her wedding dress seeing his burning car was heartbreaking.
Worst. Wedding Day. Ever.

Worst. Wedding Day. Ever

  • Tasha got voted out of “Survivor,” for which I blame Cass completely.  Ergh, I can’t stand her!  There are now only two players left that I like- Spencer and Woo.  I wish Woo wasn’t aligned with Tony, but he was so funny and cute doing martial arts for the kids that I can’t make myself dislike him.
  • The season finale of “The Mindy Project” was a perfect half hour of romantic comedy.  I loved the way Danny and Mindy ended up together in the end, lying on the floor at the top of the Empire State Building.  Adorbs! (I recognize that is a stupid word.  I am using it ironically.  Sort of.)
Love them!

Love them!

4. Last night, I realized Sammy had pooped before falling asleep in his crib.  I didn’t want him to sleep in poop all night, but I also didn’t want to listen to him scream for 30 more minutes.  Using my newly acquired ninja skills, I managed to change his diaper in his crib without waking him up.  I feel like I should earn some kind of Mommy Merit badge for that.

5. Today was Preschool Graduation at Mother’s Day Out.  It went really well, and the kids looked adorable in their little caps and gowns.  I am going to miss these kiddos!!

This is not one of my kids.  I'm pretty sure it is illegal to post pics of them on my blog without permission.  However, they were wearing white caps and gowns just like this kid.  (He is from an ad on Amazon.)

This is not one of my kids. I’m pretty sure it is illegal to post pics of them on my blog without permission. However, they were wearing white caps and gowns just like this kid. (He is from an ad on Amazon.)

Things I learned lately- 8/23-8/27/13

1. “Project Runway” taught me that there is something called glamping (glamorous + camping).  I think it might be my kind of camping.  It has the parts of camping I like- the outdoors, campfires, making s’mores- but none of the parts I dislike- sleeping on the ground, peeing in the woods/a super gross bathhouse, and bugs.

Glamping- Camping Heather-Style

Glamping- Camping Heather-Style

Glamping Bathhouse- Yes, Please!

Glamping Bathhouse- Yes, Please!


2. I’m so happy Tim Gunn used his Save for Justin this week on “Project Runway.”  Best use of the Tim Gunn Save ever!!

3. Mike and I made plans to go to the Wilson County Fair on Saturday.  This time, I woke up not feeling well.  I guess the Wilson County Fair is not in the cards for us this year…

4. Sunday, poor Sammy did not feel well.  He was crying and tugging on his ear.  We tried Tylenol, teething tablets, Orajel, nothing helped.  I finally asked my PA friend Amanda if she would mind checking his ears and throat.  She discovered he had fluid in his ears, but no infection, and his throat was pretty red.  I’m guessing he caught the same virus that Mike and I have had the last two weekends. Needless to say, we did not get out of the house much this weekend.  We have now watched the entire first season of “Sons of Anarchy.”

5. Monday at Mother’s Day Out, two of our toddlers moved up and we got two new toddlers.  I was pretty stressed out about how this would go, but the two newbies adjusted really well!  It was definitely a much better day than I was expecting.

6. Shoes are bad.  Sammy has been trying to tell me this since he was tiny, as he kicked and screamed anytime I tried to put one of his many adorable pairs of shoes on his little feet.  Sunday night, I discovered that the soft leather shoes he had been wearing all day had somehow constricted his pinky toe.  It was purple!!  After the shoes came off, his toe slowly returned to its normal color.  Last night when I was giving Sammy his bath, I noticed the same pinky toe was bright red and swollen.  After consulting with Amanda, she determined the toe was probably infected, and it would be a good idea to take him to the ER.  You know, because I couldn’t have noticed the red toe during normal doctor hours. (I think I might have my nomination for Worst Mom of the Year in the bag!) Here are some things I learned on Sammy’s first trip to the ER:

  • Monday night at 10:30 PM is a good time to go to the ER.  There was no one else in the waiting room.
  • It helps to have a friend who works in the ER.  Amanda wasn’t there, but she texted her favorite doctor and had her take care of Sammy.
  • When trying to get a baby to swallow medicine, blowing in his face makes him swallow.  In Sammy’s case, it also makes him laugh.

7.  The antibiotics that Sammy is taking for his toe infection have given him the runs.  Awesome.

8. I really need to take Amanda out for dinner or something.  I think I might be taking advantage of her medical expertise…

Things I learned lately- 7/31/13- 8/5/13

This is a really long one.  I need to work on keeping more up-to-date on my blogging…

1. You know it’s time to clean out your purse, when you dump it in the passenger seat and the airbag light turns on.

2. Thursday was the first day of school for MNPS students. I was surprised to realize I was feeling rather sad all day.  For the past eight years, I have been at school anxiously waiting to meet a new batch of kiddos.  I love being home with Sammy, but I do miss seeing my old students and meeting new ones.

3. I was okay with Alexis and Curtis going home on “So You Think You Can Dance” this week.  I was very distressed that America had Jasmine in the bottom three.  She is amazing!!  Luckily, the judges also realize that and kept her.

4. Sammy and I visited J.E. Moss on Friday to hand out “Back to School Teacher Survival Kits.”  (In case you were wondering, these kits included a giant bottle of iced tea, Tylenol, cereal, a protein bar, a mini lint roller, a chocolate bar, batteries, Kleenex, and a mini massager.)  It was great to see my teacher friends, but after listening to how stressed everyone was about all the new programs that are being implemented, the new textbooks that no one has been trained on, and the lack of time they were given to prepare their classrooms during inservice, I realized I don’t miss teaching.  My life is way less stressful now, and I get to spend my days snuggling with Sam Sam.  What more could a girl want?

5. My dad won four free tickets to the Sounds game on Friday night, so we decided to take Sammy.  He did such a good job!  We left at the end of the 6th inning, because Sammy was very sleepy.  Here he is in his super cute baseball outfit:

I'm ready for the game, Mom!

I’m ready for the game, Mom!

6. Timothy got off of “Project Runway” this week.  Finally!!  This is only the third episode and I was so sick of him.  Now, if that sexist douche Sandro would be Auf Wiedersehened, I could actually enjoy the show again.

7. Mom and I hit up the Sugarbabies Consignment sale Saturday morning.  It was half price day, and we did awesome!!  We got all the fall and winter clothes Sammy will need, some toys and shoes, and a car seat base for Mom’s car.  Yay for Sugarbabies!

8. When I got home from the Sugarbabies sale, Mike informed me that Sammy had been super crabby while I was gone.  I picked him up and he was burning up!  He had a fever of 102.3.  This is the first fever he’s had, so I was a little stressed.  I am not sure if he was getting a tooth or what was going on, but he was one whiny dude!  His fever broke during the night, and the next day he was back to his smiley self.

9. Since we were stuck inside with a sick baby, Mike decided to rent some movies from the Redbox.  “Jack the Giant Slayer” and “G.I. Joe Retaliation” were both okay.  I would rate the G.I. Joe movie slightly better than “Jack the Giant Slayer.”  The giants were really unrealistic looking and very CGI.  This G.I. Joe movie was better than the first one, which Mike and I had a hard time remembering.

10. Today was a very rough day at Mother’s Day Out.  We got four new toddlers, so we now have 12 toddlers.  That’s about 3 toddlers too many, honestly.  One of our new little girls is not so good at walking or sitting in her chair, and she seems to enjoy eating food out of the trash can and off the floor.  All of the new kids ate crayons during coloring time.  Nap was the WORST!  The new little ones didn’t want to lay on their mats, and several others took advantage of our distraction to run around the room. I finally had to recruit another set of hands, and we never got three kids to take a nap.  Then, they all woke up early.  Oh, and every single kid in the class pooped today.  Two of them pooped twice.  It was NOT my favorite day.

11. There is a vegetable named kohlrabi.  It looks like this:

I don't know... It's kind of weird-looking.  I learned about this new vegetable on

I don’t know… It’s kind of weird-looking. I learned about this new vegetable from